Guided by God's Hands


At St. Bonaventure Catholic School, we firmly believe that each student has a fundamental right to a safe, comfortable, stimulating, and caring environment in which each child is treated with love and respect. We strive to project Christ's Gospel message of peace, love, and fellowship in our daily activities and in our daily relationships with each other. Realizing the Gospel's call to be images of Jesus, faculty and staff, reflect through their example, the moral, doctrinal, and liturgical way of life that we identify as Catholic.

We believe that every child entrusted to us is a gift from God. While the parents are considered to be the child's primary educators, it is our duty and responsibility as Christians to assist the parents in the development of each child's faith. This is accomplished through the establishment of an atmosphere where the Gospel message is brought to life on a daily basis.

All students at St. Bonaventure Catholic School are appreciated as being special individuals. As such, we believe that a plurality of approaches to classroom instruction, and a variety of enrichment programs are necessary in order to meet each child's specific educational and spiritual needs.