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Our cafeteria works on a debit system - you need to deposit money, and each time the student buys lunch at school a charge is made against the available balance in your account.

Please help us by maintaining an available balance to cover your meals. We recommend setting up an auto-pay system that will deposit money when a low balance amount is reached. If your balance goes below $0, a $5 fee will be added to each transaction until the balance is positive again.

Follow this link to sign-up and maintain your account: MySchoolBucks


The menu for each month is published in PlusPortals. Refer to the Student Handbook for pricing and cafeteria policies.

Students may bring their own lunch each day or when desired.


Follow this link to sign-up for Cafeteria Volunteers:

Cafeteria hours are not required, and are done on a volunteer basis.

Check-in at 10:15 AM and check-out at 1:15 PM. Check-in at the School Office.